Memorial Day Weekend Promotions that work!

Memorial Day Weekend Promotions…

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer and of numerous road trips to the beach, the river or cross country!  With this in mind, I had my Jeep® checked out and the bad news, I needed tires… not just one or two, but four new tires!  Not a fun purchase.

Amidst all the promotional emails for new cars, summer clothing, grocery specials to the mandatory, BBQs, surrounded by flags, food and families, there was an email offer from Discount Tires.  Talk about timing.

Buy four tires and receive a $100 gift card, for me that was a 20% “gift”.  This email promotion is a “win-win” for all parties.  Let’s break it down:

Customer Data (aka “Know Your Customer”)

Discount Tire maintains an email database of past and present customers.  This enables them to send out targeted advertising.  Did they know, based on when I was last in, that I needed new tires?

Timing Is Everything

Summer means road trips! Makes sense that any auto business should be making similar promotions to increase sales – tune ups, tires, air conditioning, auto detailing, trailer hitches, auto accessories (GPS Systems, auto chargers, sound systems, etc.)

The Offer

This is a simple and clear offer – buy four tires and receive $100 gift card.  This is a concrete benefit, so in my mind, I only spent $400.  Therefore, I purchased the additional roadside hazard insurance on the four tires.  Discount Tire has now locked my tire business up for another 18 months to 2 years.

Call to Action

Tires have to be purchased on May 25th or 26th which creates a sense of urgency and customer action.  This seems to have been a successful offer for Discount Tire in the Houston-area.  I had to call several locations to find one with four tires for my Jeep®!

So, as you see this is a well-planned and communicated promotion, a “win-win” for all!

How can you apply this marketing strategy to your company?  Take out a calendar and look at least six months out and plan marketing programs to coincide with holidays, but only if they make sense to your product or service.  For help finding some lesser known holidays, visit BrownieLocks and if you can’t find a holiday that’s right for your product, create one!  Allow enough time to put the offer together in print and online, and don’t forget to have all your social media working together to support the offer.  The email promotion was key to this offer, Mail Chimp is a cost effective and easy way to start and manage an email list for a small business. Finally, make sure you have enough inventory or supplies to support the offer.

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Disclaimer:  Discount Tire is not a client nor did they provide incentives, free merchandise, service or input for this article.

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